SVN Tortoiseで過去のLogを編集しようとしたら下記Errorで怒られた。

DAV request failed; it's possible that the repository's pre-revprop-change hook
either failed or is non-existent
At least one property change failed; repository is unchanged
Error setting property 'log':
Repository has not been enabled to accept revision propchanges;
ask the administrator to create a pre-revprop-change hook

Subversion Server側で設定が必要みたい。参考にしたのは下記Site.

subversionのログが編集(更新)できない2/作者(Author)も変更編 | Vamp Records

ちなみに環境はMac OS X Server 10.6.7 + Subversion 1.6.16


# cd /svnroot/Repository/hoge_src/hooks
# cp pre-revprop-change.tmpl pre-revprop-change
# chmod 755 pre-revprop-change


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